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Tylers Going Aussie

Amazing Australia

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wow! I cannot believe we going on this trip. Ever since my cousin went to New Zealand I have always wanted to go. It sounds like we will be staying busy with all of the amazing adventures we have planned. Some of the events that I look forward to the most are the snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, zip line, camel riding, getting to meet all the kids that will be traveling with us, and no joke the plane that we get to fly on. Good gravy the walk up snack bar, entertainment, comfort, I am at a loss for words. This is so cool! Well stay with me throughout the trip as I will be blogging all the time. You can also follow me on twitter. Peace out.


Mama Eickstaedt said...

Wow! We are so excited for you! Have an excellent trip!
Love, Mom aand Dad

O'Cahill said...

Nice opportunity!! Hope you have a blast and don't trip over a dingo.

P.S. Your Dad said to get away from the snack bar!!

Peace. Out.
-Mark Cahill

Maripi said...

What a great opportunity! I am sure this will be such a great experience. Take tons of pictures and have you dad send them to me so I can make you a scrapbook.

Have a great time!
Maria Aldanese

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