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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another great day at the Ooramimna Bush Canmp! After the short flight from melbourne to Alice sprigs we boarded the coach to get on our way or so we thought. But no in the rare rainstorm out here(they have had 28 cm in the last 7 years) we couldent drive. So after we got our 4 wheel drive coach we were on our way sliping and sliding down the dirt road. When we arrived at the camp we had a delicious BBQ with fresh organic beef. Next we learned a traditional survival technique of making bread. Here's the recipe: put six cups flour in large bowl. Slowly while mixing it in add about a gallon of water. Once the dough is a good consistency knead it and put it into a speacial pan. Finally put all of the pan but the top of under the sand and put hot coals on top. While our bread was cooking we had other buisness to attend. We were divided in half and one group went to whip cracking and the other went to setting up their swags for the night. I finally got the hang of the whip when my finger busted open. No need to worry mom I cleaned it out. Then we swithced stations. While we were setting up our swags the guide keept us intertained with some cool facts. We learnd that all cows on the property(150 thousand acres) were beef cows for one reason. In beef cows 70 percent of energy goes to making them fat while 30 percent goes to making milk. In a milk cow the numbers are reversed so those cows are much skinnier. After our swags were all ready to go we went back and tried the bread we made. With some honey it was delisious. We went on a walk to the old police station and saw the nicest jail I've ever seen. Next we came back and had some dinner. Finally we went out next to a fire and listened to an astronomer talk about the stars. Did you know that on Austrailas flag the 5 stars represent the southern cross and the lone star represents the Commonwealth. We crawled into our swags and fell strait asleep.

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Shannon said...


The baseball team wanted to know which finger got busted open - I told them the middle one (Kidding!) That story reminded me of the time we were camping and the pocket knife and learn right?


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