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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yesterday we got to sleep in a little. What a treat these days. We started off the day by going to the Reef HQ. By the way, I’m really tired from the so sorry if I miss some events.

Anyway, we started off by going to the theater to get an introduction to the Great Barrier Reef. Did you know the reef was formed was formed over 53 million years ago? Next we watched a power point on the ten main species of fish so we could identify them on the reef. I couldn’t remember all of them but I can remember the Gobi, Surgeon Fish, Lasses, Butterfly, Parrot, and Gropers.

After our morning tea we did some interactive activities that had to do with carbon emissions. In our experiment was put neutral water into a flask with PH detector in as well. Taking just 3 breaths and blowing into the water turned it from neutral to acidic. Based on these numbers think about it on a global level. Next was another interactive activity about food chains. We learned that if and part of a food chain dies out then the rest will die out too. An exception to that rule would be like sea grass dying out from rock beds, but not sand beds, then growing back when the rest of the chains died out.

Our day was concluded with a night tour of the facility were we meet a turtle with floating sickness which we found could have occurred from infection or consumption of plastic. We had a fairly early bedtime set because of the early wake up to catch our ferry. Well so long for now.


Susan said...

Gosh Tyler, I can see why you are tired. You have been busy and have learned so much.
I hope you had a great time snorkeling. I look forward to your posts on your snorkeling activity and the research you conducted.
Mrs. Jensen's Mom

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