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Monday, June 15, 2009

Wow! It is great to be home, but I miss Australia. What an amazing trip it was. I got to see so many awesome things in person that most people will never get the chance to see. And along the way I met some great people and made new friends.

Out of all the adventures we had: Moonlit Sanctuary, Great Ocean Road, Healesville Sanctuary, Uluru, the bush camp, the banana farm, Reef HQ, snorkeling on the reef, and the Australia Zoo, my favorite was the reef and the snorkeling. I especially liked following the parrot fish on the reef- cool colors, and the way it used its beak to scrape the dead algae from the coral was interesting. Thank you DSA for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Throughout our trip there was one thing that I kept noticing. This was how much Australia does to protect the environment. It could be as little as making you put your room key into a slot to use the lights, or separating your trash into different groups - glass, recycle, or trash. It could also be on a bigger level such as the Australia Zoo working to protect tigers which have lost 96 percent of their population in the past 100 years. On our last night in Brisbane we had a group sit down to reflect on this. We each went around and had a chance to share what we might do differently to protect the environment. My response was along the lines of separating trash. I would start doing things the right way such as recycling everything that should be recycled and making sure all my trash gets into the can. After seeing 2 natural wonders of the world and the effects of pollution and coral bleaching, I think if everyone started to do these simple, little things we would all be better off and would still be able to experience the wonders of the world.

So, to anyone who reads this blog, next time the trash can is closer than the recycling can take the liberty to put your paper in the right can and you will have the feeling that you have helped protect our earth (after all, it is the only one we get and the only one that has baseball).


Susan said...

You are the last one to thank. Your posts were always fun to read and thanks for sharing your time and memories of Australia and for reminding us to take care of this wonderful place we call home.
Mrs. Jensen's mom

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