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Wow What a Day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Every person on this bus is very hungry from all the events we've done. Our day started off with a wake up call that let us sleep in. We didn't get up till 6 =). Anyway our first activity was going to a banana farm. We were greeted by the farm owners with time for tea and crumpets. Mmmmmmmmmm good. Next we rode on the back of the tractor down to the feilds were the bananas were grown. We stopped at this one place and got to go on top of a waterfall. We learned some cool facts such as bananas are a type of flower. Duggan also got a chance to try one of the fresh bananas that had fallen one the ground.

Next we went into the factory where the processing is done. We all got a chance to preform some of the jobs in the factory. And then we were of again in a quest for Townsville. After about an hour and a half we stopped for lunch at the giant gumboot. This giant rain boot was built in dedication to the year 1950 when there was over 4 meters of rain that flooded the town. This boot was also built to attract tourism. They architects thought many people from all over Australia would come to see it but that never happened. After lunch we were back on our way to Townsville.

We arrived in Townsville around 5 or so. We went to Reef HQ first thing. It was here that we learned what we would do over the next couple of days on the reef. Some quick facts about the reef for you is that it is the size of 75,000 soccer fields, has over 1500 species of fish, and there are still at least 1000 undiscovered species on the reef alone. After we learned about our agenda, we were introduced to the clown fish that had his picture taken for the animators of "Finding Nemo." In fact all the animal picture except for the whales and sharks came from Reef HQ. When were out on the reef we have a chance of running into 3 types of shark: bull, great white, and tiger. But no need to worry. We have a 6 times more chance of dying from a vending machine falling on us and 15 times more chance of dieing from a cork hitting you. Once again no need to worry. Our next event was training. Although Alec didn't want even go I got him to have a really fun time trying on equipment and learning different moves. Well so long for now.


Shannon said...

How did Duggan like the banana? Souds like a good day at the farm followed up by lots of learning at the reef center. Can't wait to read about the snorkeling - watch out fo rthose vending machines...


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Duration 14 days
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