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Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey everyone, I am little behind on blogs so I'm going to combine yesterday and today as one.

Yesterday we woke up very early but none the less excited to finally go on the reef. The fairy that we rode to orphius was named Challenger 3. Naturally we thought what happened to 1 and 2. Anyway upon arrival our half of the group that rode over first had the whole beach to ourselves. We had water fights, interveiws, and broke open a coconut. When the other group finally arrived we got a rundown on how we would chose a fish to follow and record its eating habits. After our meeting we got suited up and went to the reef. We followed two main species of fish the parrot and butterfly and found that the favorite food was dca or dead coral and algae. Then we came in for lunch which was not surprisingly another sandwich day. After lunch we headed back out to do some transets. A transet is when you lay a tapemeasure out and every meter mark down what was on the ocean floor. We were so tired after this that we went to bed.

This morning we woke up early again and went back to reef hq. Here we compiled our data that we had been collecting the previous day. Then since we had been working so hard we got some free time to go shopping. Since us boys did not care to buy shoes we split off and went strait for the good stuff at the sports store. Tomorrow we are at it again at the Austraila Zoo. Peace out.




Shannon said...

Sounds awesome. You didn't see Challenger I and II a the bottom of the reef, did you? How about Dory? I can't believe you guys passed up a chance buy shoes...Keep the posts coming and have a blast with your final days.

Susan said...

So did you find out what happened to I & II? Thanks for posting the tweet on that day even though you were exhausted. It was nice to know all of you were back on the island.
Great blogs! I have enjoyed reading about your adventures.
Mrs. Jensen's mom

Vickie said...

Just wanted to let you know that your tweet stating that you all have become like family the past 3 days truly touched my heart. I was hoping for that for all of you.
Thank you for all of your wonderful insite on your time in Australia. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and posts.

Mrs. Craig Ashlee's Mom

Brett said...

Hey T,
After reading all your blogs you seem to be having an awsome time. I hope your last day is your best. All of us Castle Rock kids can't wait to see you


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